the Washington School for the Blind

by: Raymond Williams

Washington School For The Blind in Vancouver Washington

Not a long story just a remembrance of sorts. I attended the school only for a year, as I am only blind in one eye, and further education at the school wasn't needed.

The time I spent at the school was, in my opinion, one of the best years of my life. I look back upon the short time I spent at the school, and recall how comfortable I felt. It was as if I had nothing to hide or fear for I was with people like myself who understood me and accepted me without question. A feeling I so dearly miss.

I remember gathering with other kids in the gym's rec room after lunch and building forts and such out of the gymnasium materials. A wall here, a ball there, and padded floor mat for a roof, and wella, we had 20 + kids playing hide and go seek in our own little world.

Mostly, I reflect upon the people I got to know while I was there. I lost contact with all of them, and even to this day, I feel as if some part of me was lost with them.

Its a funny thing to belong to an alumni that you only spent a year with, but remember and miss to this day.