Stories from the Oklahoma State School for the Blind

The "Haunted Auditorium" at OSB

By: David Plumlee, Class of 1963

Our school has its school reunion every two years.  As an organist who studied organ at the school, I enjoyed playing that organ when I returned for each reunion and had permission to play into the night during the two evenings of the reunion weekends.  A few years ago when I was playing right around midnight, the watchman was making his normal rounds at the school.  he called and woke up the school’s superintendent declaring that the auditorium was haunted because the organ was playing and the auditorium was totally dark (one light was burning on the console’s music rack whenever the organ was on though probably not visible to him through the glass doors at the back of the room).  Although he told the watchman my name and that I would gladly talk to him if he came up to the console, the watchman absolutely refused, saying that there was no way he would go into that haunted, dark room.

Next morning at breakfast, one of the female students said she thought she heard organ music during the night.  Deciding to have a bit of fun, I played along briefly by saying that I also thought I heard organ music during the night and that maybe the auditorium was haunted.  After a moment, though, I told her and the others at our table that I was the “ghost” who had “haunted” the room.  Later that day, the superintendent saw me and told me about the worried watchman who had awakened him the previous night.