California School for the Blind BOOK OF MEMORIES

The Talent Show
By: Maia Scott

I never actually attended to academia at a blind school. However, I did participate in an eleven day summer Transition Program. At twenty three years of age, I was beginning to doubt my capacity as a fully independent person. The good news is that I apparently was up to par or even better. The bad, no let us say funny news is the following blunder on my part;

One of our final days culminated in a talent show. Participants in the transition program were encouraged to sign up and show their stuff. I, of course, signed in for a dance number. No problem. I had been dancing for some eighteen years then. During our rehearsal opportunity, I practiced my semi-improvisational modern dance. I, during this time, decided to encorporate a little tease factor. Instead of exiting off the wings, I decided to use the front of the stage as an exit point. Everything went fine. I approached, did some odd little roll things to get off onto the floor, and darted up the center isle. Great! Ready for the big night. the big night came along with who knows how many other people from the "Real World". I manned the lights for part of the show and enjoyed this quite a bit. Fun was in the air and I felt just fine about my dance. Of course I shook with nervousness a little. Nevertheless, that comes with performing. So, my turn comes up. I throw myself into the dance heart and soul. Strange yet melodic music added to my passion for the dance. I neared the edge of the stage for my final exit, did those odd little roll things to get off, and darted down the isle as planned and exicuted in rehearsal.

Suddenly, the sighted contingent of the audience gasped quite loudly. A red light went on in my mind but not in my body. My senses flaired into alertness for fear of what was to come. I slammed head long into a video camera set up on a tripod in the center of the isle. Luckily, I found my reflexes quick enough to snatch the thing into an embrace and right it before anything happened. I started laughing when I heard the assorted descriptives murmured through the audience. Nothing like ending with a bang, I must say.

Now, we have to see that momentous video. If I got my hot little hands on the thing, I would be highly tempted to rush it off to America's Funniest or a show of its sort. I think, however funny it is to myself, it would wholly and completely offend those out there who feel it is their duty to criticize everything from a monstrously overdone PC perspective.

Morals of the story. Reader pick one;

a-  Crash parties, not government equipment
b-  Tip the waiter, not the camera
c-  White cane, or guide dog, is your friend.  Never leave home without
d-  Quarterbacks have been know to take dance classes.  Should dancers
take up football?
e-  As for those things that go bump in the night;  Be careful.  The next
one may just be you.
f-  You never know what may happen in the blink of an eye through the eye
of a blink.
g-  Watch out for Blind Fury!
h-  All of the above